Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gratitude & Crap - Epilogue

ADD Moment - I hope I spelled epilogue right.

I had intended to blog with all my gratitude in life throughout the Thanksgiving holiday. However, I discovered that having a computer at my disposal makes blogging easier. I determined that I was not going to write a blog post via my Android touch screen phone.

ADD Moment - why in the hell I thought I'd like a touch screen phone is beyond me. It looks really sexy...but I've always hated touch screens. The reviews talked about how nice the touch screen is. For a touch screen. I still hate touch screens. No matter how sexy they are. Hmph.

Now, the gratitude will be condensed into an epilogue (no squiggly lines! I think it is right! Yay me!) format. You get concentrated thankfulness all at once. Don't you feel all special like?

I am thankful that we are back in our own state and living in our own home again. Being cooped up in a (very nice) hotel room with 2 kids gets tiring. Especially when one child becomes the devil when the extended family is not around.

I am thankful that the "aren't I such a cute little princess" face came on when the extended family was present so we at at least a few hours break from the screaming, punching, kicking, throwing, whining, ridiculous monstrosity that is Princess. It was bad, people. Really, really bad.

I am thankful that at least one other authority figure in Princess' life sees through the attention whore drama and doesn't give her the "poor princess" treatment that continues to enable her obnoxious behavior. For a while there, I thought Hub and I were the only ones to see her as a child responsible for her own behavior and not a poor little victim of big bad life.

I am thankful that the colds we all got had a short "shoot me now" period and we are all now functioning again. Our house sounds as if we're chain-smokers who have mined coal for the last 30 years, but dammit, we can function again.

I am thankful that the cat did not actually explode from horking down 2/3 of his feeder of food over the 3 days we were gone.

I am thankful that Hub is on the "let's have another baby" page with me and agreed pretty readily that I should go off the pill.

I am thankful that the painful and embarrassingly unexpected return of TOM (Time Of Month) due to the aforementioned going off the pill did not appear until after I was again functional from the cold. Who needs cramps and mess and a cold?

I am thankful that the universe is apparently no longer conspiring to keep me from going to the gym! Now? It's conspiring to keep me from having sex. Not cool universe. Not cool.

I am thankful that the idea of procreating with me? Seems to get Hub very frisky! So he can be all denied and unsatisfied while he waits for the contagion and TOM to pass. Just like me. But without the cramps.

I am thankful that I have come to terms with the possibility of minivan and the destruction of any few remaining MILF points I may have had. Now if I could just find a way to pay for one. That isn't 15 years old with 500,000 miles on it and missing a door.

I am thankful for the internet which can baffle me with its sheer volume of information about any given topic. FYI - cloth diapering? Not as straight-forward as it was in my infant days. After spending some time in a fetal position under my desk, I think I understand the basics of cloth diapers. Kinda.

I am thankful that this weekend is a non-Princess weekend. The constant whining, complaining, screaming, etc.? Makes me stabby. My family is getting tired of seeing me all stabby. Plus? I'm afraid this crazy-eye look is going to stick this way if it goes on too much longer.

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