About & Whatnot

Who am I and why do I do this?

I am currently 32, a wife, mother, recent college graduate, and staunch supporter of the Oxford Comma. I live in Maryland - because I followed my boyfriend (now husband) here. I would otherwise not live here on purpose.

I am West Coast at heart, having spent most of my life in the dirty southwestern desert a few hours away from LA and Vegas.

I have 2(ish) kids - my almost 5-year-old son (Boo) and my 5-year-old stepdaughter (Princess). The ish? Is because I just discovered that #3 is on the way . This is the point at which you re-read then name of my blog and laugh at the irony.

I am generally practical in nature, although I do sneak a few feelings in now and again. I believe that truth is superior to what I want to hear...altho it's not always well-received. I'm often cynical, but working my way toward "half full." My biggest problem? Is that I think too much. That will often be reflected in my content.

A few notes about this here blog...

I do this because I must. I write because it is a compulsion. I have always written, in one form or another, and I likely always will.

My blog is essentially anonymous - altho my husband is aware of it and occasionally reads it. And by occasionally? I mean that if work is making him insane (but not quite homicidal)...and he has no video games that currently hold his interest...and napping doesn't sound appealing...and there is nothing on TV...and there is nothing else interesting on the internet...then he reads my blog.

I do my best to respond to everyone's comments. I have no idea if my comment plug-in thingy lets people know that I've responded, but I generally do respond. Eventually.

While I love to blog, I'm a bit of a perfectionist. While my writing is by no means masterful, I have to be satisfied with what I have written...and that often slows my writing process.

I may occasionally swear in my posts. Generally, if there are a proliferation of F bombs? I will warn you. Anything less than an F bomb? I generally consider a "sentence enhancer." I tend not to enhance my sentences too much. If you click on the "whole lotta swearing" tag? Don't be shocked that there's a whole lotta swearing. Just saying.