WTH am I Talking About ?

Here is a handy quick reference for various shortcuts and terminology that I use. I'm getting lazy in my old age, and I don't want to have to define my inane little verbal shortcuts every time I use one. So instead? I have created a page for that. I will add to this page as I think of things or as it becomes necessary.

You're welcome.


Boo Boo is my soon-to-be 5-year old son. He is the unscheduled changer of my universe.

Hub Hub is my husband. He is my second husband. I divorced the other one first. I have a self-imposed one husband at a time limit.

Princess Princess is my stepdaughter. She is approximately 10 months older than Boo (and about a head shorter). She has some behavioral issues and can make life at the WTH household a little challenging at times.

Skankula Mother of Princess. Tramp galore. Consummate victim who can do nothing for herself. Manipulates others for amusement, services, and stuff.

Other Terms

T.O.M. Time Of Month. This is the vile monthly visitor that I hope to not be seeing soon. It tends to make me a little off.