Monday, June 6, 2011

Ms. WTH is having A


Now, you didn't seriously think I'd make it all that easy, did you?

I figure what better way to re-enter the bloggy world than with the announcement of the gender of the fetus, right? People will actually click for that, right?

::crickets chirping::

Ok, well, humor me.

...and pay no attention to the fact that it's been 2 months since I've posted. Yes, I know that's not cool & no one wants to follow a blog that doesn't regularly post.

Again, humor me.

I had the ultrasound last Friday. The tech was very generous with the pictures.

Seriously. I have like 20.

Way back in March, we started out with this:

Awwww....look at the cute little....uh...Lima Bean!


Then we moved on to this: looks kinda like a little baby...


...with little stubby appendages.


And at last, we got to the ultrasound! The ultrasound that would determine whether I could start buying boy onesies or beginning my plans to thwart the sea of pink that would drown wash over me.

Lima is so cute!


...huh...there is definitely a family resemblance there too.


so Lima, you think I should let everyone in on the secret?


I'll take the thumbs up as your approval/consent for this next no suing me for inappropriate photos of you later...



gratuitously unnecessary arrow!