Monday, December 13, 2010

So, tell me about your pregnancies...

Sometimes? This blog is my own little social experiment. I become curious about things, even things I'm not obsessed about...and I can post about it here to pick your brains.



So. Being that I'm currently "focused" on reproducing (and the effort has been going well, now that the universe has chilled out a little...), I'm wondering what this (hopefully) upcoming pregnancy will be like. If it will differ from my previous pregnancy with Boo. I'm wondering if I will be able to tell the difference if I end up pregnant with a girl.

Many people I've talked to had different experiences between boys and girls. I've noticed that those pregnant with girls have been more moody and struggled more with morning sickness. I've known a couple of people who gained a ton of weight with their girls, had complications, etc., but had virtually trouble-free pregnancies with their boys.

So, I'm sending out the request to all you mothers of multiples:

Tell me about your pregnancies! How were they the same? How were they different? Did anyone have different pregnancy experiences and still have the same gender of child? How about pregnancies that were virtually the same except for the gender?

Now, since I don't want to ask you all for something that I am not willing to do myself? I'll regale you with the tale of my 1st pregnancy...and we can see how the 2nd one goes...whenever it goes.

After a Cinco de Mayo of tequila, whatnot, and a guy who didn't do what I thought he was going to do, I noticed that my boobs were really sore. Kinda like the sore right before your period...except that almost never happened to me anymore. Hmm. That's odd. Plus? It went on for like 2 weeks. Even when they did get sore? It was for maybe a day or two.

I knew the possibility of pregnancy was possible, but it took me several tests to confirm it. I knew something was up well before the pregnancy test.

Physically? I didn't have too bad a time of it. I didn't have any issues with morning sickness. Other than being tired and stressed the hell out? It wasn't too bad.

Due to my circumstances (read: the dude was a douche bag and was basically using me (I may have been a bit naive. *cough*), so when he found out he knocked me up? He left the state and left me to deal with the baby on my own. Fine. I can totally handle my own shit.), I ended up getting a 2nd job to help pay for the unexpected baby expenses.

This 2nd job was actually one of the better things I've done. It gave me a sense of control over my situation, cash to pay for baby stuff, knowledge of how to make special (expensive) coffee beverages, and? A ton of nice maternity pants that I hope will come in handy.

Unfortunately, the 2nd job also meant that I was always either working or sleeping. There was no time for cooking, so I was not eating as healthy as I should've been and I had zero time for exercise. This? Translated into 60 pounds of weight gain. The weight gain? Was really the worst physical part of my pregnancy. Ok, well, except for the labor part. That hurt. A lot.

At least none of the doctors were lecturing me about being in labor. Ahem. You'd think a doctor that worked with pregnant women all the time would know better than to tell her she was getting too fat.

Apparently not.

I went into labor at about 3:45 am on a Thursday morning. I woke up, had to pee, got the usual "I just peed" contractions, and went back to bed. And laid there for an hour, eventually realizing that the contractions weren't going away.

I'd read that if they go away while walking around? It's not real labor. I figured this would be an excellent time to pack my hospital bag. I could walk around & if the contractions stopped? Well, at least I finally had my bag packed.

I again had to pee at about 5:45. Only I didn't pee. But the sound was still there. Yep. This is actually labor.

Went to the hospital (damn, has this road always been this bumpy??) and tried to "man it out" for a couple of hours. Then they offered the epidural again. I restrained myself from pouncing on the epidural guy, but have since built him a small shrine.

I had to stay on my right side because if I laid any other way, Boo's vitals got all goofy. By the time I got the "go" to push? My right leg was a big useless slab of meat. Boo was facing up, so I had to push for about an hour to get him out, but even still, he was born at 2:08 (or maybe 2:07...bad mommy for not remembering...) Thursday afternoon. In all? About a 10 hour labor. Pretty quick for a first-timer.

I'm so going to be that lady giving birth to a 72 pound baby on the side of the highway this time...


So tell me? What was different for you the 2nd (or 3rd or 4th, etc) go 'round?

**I love The Far Side by Gary Larson with all of my little heart. If you've never seen it? Check it out. Assuming you thought the (freakishly large because Blogger won't play nice) comic up there was actually funny. If you think it's sick and deranged? Well, things might not work out between us....

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