Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Random Bits & Boobs...er, Bobs

Today? Is going to be a random day. I don't really have a whole post in mind...but I have a few odds & ends rattling around in my head that I feel like babbling about. And Hub isn't available. So I guess you (my 7 loyal readers) will be the ones subjected to my random babble today.


Whenever I have to pee in the middle of the night, but am too stubborn to get up and pee? I always dream about finding bathrooms. I will search & find a bathroom, but when I find it? It is the foulest, nastiest bathroom ever. There will be pee all over the floor and the seat. Often times the toilet is backed up with waste and near to overflowing. Perhaps this is my body's way of telling me to get my ass up & pee?

I attempted to go Christmas shopping at Toys R Us today. Toys R Us is in the shopping center behind Target. So, I set off driving in that direction. Parked. Got out of the car. Realized that I was at Target, not Toys R Us. Damn Autopilot. *Sigh*

I am constantly amused that Hub, while talking to me on his Bluetooth headset (thus appearing to others as if he is talking to them or himself), is fine telling me he loves me while in the men's room, but is uncomfortable saying so in front of the random people walking around in the lobby as he comes back inside from his smoke break. Apparently professing love around the urinal is less embarrassing than in front of random lobby people.

Today, we had a minuscule dusting of snow. Even calling it a "dusting" is a bit generous. Yet schools were delayed for 2 hrs. WTF. We got bigger accumulations of snow in the damn Sonoran Desert and school was not affected. Really, people? Really???Yes, snow does happen in the desert. Rarely. I remember it happening twice in the 30 years I lived in the desert.

I keep finding myself wandering through baby aisles when I go shopping. I refuse to buy anything until "the deal is sealed," so to speak. (except that cradle swing for $20 on Craigslist...I'm not going to walk away from a $120 savings when it's down the road from work)

I've spoken to my son about how he would feel having a little brother or a little sister. He says that he'd rather have a little brother because he already has a sister. Duh.

Also? I told him I could grow him a sibling in my "tummy nest." He looked at me and said "Mmm. No." I'd better come up with a baby-growing backup plan PDQ.

I just realized last night that I need to start chugging the wine that's in our wine cabinet so I don't have to see it there and hear it calling to me once I'm knocked up.

When the hell did it get to be December 14th already? I had all these grand plans to Christmas shop early online & have everything shipped on time. Dammit.

Hub had better stop hoarding the sperm. These little tales of "I feel nauseous" and "I think I have food poisoning" will only work for so long buddy...Hmph.

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