Friday, July 2, 2010

Why do I blog?

I got to thinking the the other day...why do I blog? I'm the introspective sort & tend to wonder why I do things. Or, I suppose, I could just be extremely narcissistic and like thinking about myself. Hmm. I'll have to think about that.

I blog for a plethora of reasons. Originally, I started this blog because writing is very therapeutic for me. I find that writing helps me sort my thoughts and emotions so I better understand what I feel and why I feel it.

Also, I wanted an outlet that was somewhat anonymous. While my husband knows about this blog (because I don't believe in keeping secrets from him), many of my frustrations and confused feelings come from family members. I don't want to create family drama while working out my feelings...or maybe venting a little frustration.

Initially, I didn't care if anyone read my blog or not, but I as I got a few readers, and better yet, a few comments, I realized that I enjoyed the interaction and feedback. I have come to enjoy the blog world, not only because of the emotional clarity writing offers me, but because I'm finding other people who know where I'm coming from, who go through some similar things, and who can also offer me new insight and perspective on things that I am going through.

I love my bloggiverse. While it creates more work for me than I really need, I love doing it. Even with one more thing to do, I feel more whole because of it.

However, I have discovered that I have become a bit of a comment whore...but that's not a bad thing, right? I mean, there are a plethora of other deep and meaningful reasons why I do this, so I little bit of comment sluttery is not bad...right?

Also? Don't hate me for starting a sentence with "however." I know it is grammatically incorrect, as are my many prepositionally ended sentences. I'm just not that anal tonight.

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  1. Always look forward to your posts...always enjoy

  2. Does your status as "comment whore" mean that you love leaving comments on other people's blogs? Or that you love receiving comments?

    If it's the second? Find a way to work in more references to sex. It has worked wonders over on Pretty All True.


  3. I love how you write! When I want to talk about family members, I just say "a member of my family" and leave it at that.

    We are all comment whores! And I appreciate you stopping by to comment.

    I actually was on one episode of his half-hour TV show, but I never saw it. His Sweatin' to the Oldies tapes are a riot. They are easy and fun, too!

    Happy 4th!!

  4. Jeez, I wish Blogger would let me reply individually. :\ Is that a wordpress thing, or do I just need my own domain? ...anyway, I digress.

    As for being a comment whore? I think I go both ways, honestly. When I read someone's blog, if I have something to say? I comment. Can't help myself. Besides, I feel it's good commenting karma.

    But receiving comments? Makes me all tingly. So far, I'm not popular enough to have received attention from asshats, & my comments have all been good. Altho I probably just jinxed myself...Oh, well. My blog, my delete button.

  5. Well said. I often wonder why I do it. Your explanation pretty much hit the head on the nail, minus the family drama. I go for it, in person. leave the nice stuff for the blog. Different, not better. You have an easy to read, clear blogging voice. I don't often stick around just for words,I'm a picture book kind of gal : ) but yours drew me in.

  6. I learned from your blog today that it is bad grammar to start a sentence with "however." *smacks forehead*

  7. I love my blog universe too and always enjoy your posts. I see you have your very own button now. I will add it to my blog. I'm hoping to have one soon too. :) Keep up the great writing.