Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Terrific Tuesday - Take 3

Here we are again! Another Terrific Tuesday! The time when I review some of the terrific things that have happened lately! With the use of many exclamation points!!! Because this is something to be excited about!! Yeah!

This week, I am Terrifically Tickled that:
1. I have not yet thrown a kicking, screaming tantrum that I can't get my stupid blog button working.

2. I have discovered a delightfully tasty adult beverage (grasshopper) that is refreshingly minty, a really cool green, and makes both the Hub and I sweat like whores in church. Seriously. Like really cheap, dirty whores.

3. My day of crampy reckoning did not ruin my holiday weekend, but instead waited for me to return to work.

4. Despite what my son told me, I don't think he actually pooped in the grass during his preschool field trip to the pool. I don't think.

5. That I discovered at least one of the original Star Wars movies was made before my birth.

6. I discovered I had forgotten my cell phone bill before they shut it off.

7. I have forgotten only 2 loads of laundry in the washer for multiple days.

8. We did get to enjoy one day of well-behaved stepdaughter before she left for the court mandated week of no rules/boundaries/discipline "utopia" with her grandparents.

9. The cat did not become ill from gnawing on the steak leftovers he pulled from the trash.

10. That Arizona is still 2 degrees hotter than Maryland.

My glass is half-full! And, I'm only sweating like a high-class hooker here, so I'd better finish off the rest of that glass.


  1. Ok #2 made me snort, not kidding an actual honest to goodness snort and for #4 sometimes it's better not to know. Great post, reading this helped me end the day with a smile!

  2. Your tweets about the button have been hilarious. Sorry you can't get it working. I had my own HTML mishap with the friggin favicon. 3 hours of work for a little logo on the nav bar.


    Have a grasshopper for me!

  3. Have to appreciate the way "you tell it like it
    Always a fan of your "Terrific Tuesdays!"

  4. Only 2 loads?!?! That would be a record for me. I could learn a few things from you. Please school me in your laundry wisdom!

    I'll take one of those grasshopper thingymabobs, too!

  5. I do #7 ALL THE TIME! So annoying.

    And as for #10... I don;t have to tell you what they say... "It's a dry heat." Whatever! It's HOT!