Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm still here...more or less

It's been a while since I've posted. I actually hate it when that happens.

Ideally? I'd like to be a 2-3 times a week poster. Not too much, but a couple of consistent posts per week.

Yeah. That's clearly working out for me.


As I'm sure many of you will be shocked to discover...I'm actually feeling a little run down lately.


In some ways this pregnancy has been easier than my 1st. I sorta know what's going on, etc.

In other ways? Even tho I'm only 6 weeks? It's been harder. I've been queasy for the last couple of weeks. Usually, it's not too bad. But if I don't nibble regularly? It can get kinda bad.

I have yet to throw up. ::knocking vigorously on wood:: But I have come very close.

And I'm tired. Well, tired-er.

On the whole, I'm not too psycho. I've been even-tempered enough that Hub's head has time to grow back between "episodes."

I'm also rounder than I want to be. Already I have jeans that are quite uncomfortable around my middle. Everything else fits fine (thank God), but the waist? Muy uncomfy.

I continue to hope that this is because it is my 2nd child and not because I'm incubating a litter.

So, physically? I feel pretty "bleh." Mentally? I'm pretty happy. Combined? I'm generally in a robust state of "meh."

I am still (slowly) making the rounds to everyone's blogs...but I'm not feeling as commenty as usual. So my apologies for my lurking.

I'm trying to work up some good writing...but my general state of "meh" has made it challenging.


  1. I know what you mean.. I want to be a 2-3x a week consistent poster.. but this past couple weeks I've posted once.. Once last Tuesday and that is it...nothing since.

    Glad the pregnancy is going good so far.. My cousin (she's 14.5 weeks along) has been having a horrendous time of it, and has made me re-think my getting pregnant anytime soon plan, haha. I can't handle nausea & throwing up, lol. Hope you feel a little better so you can feel less "meh".. :)

  2. Heh. Thanks. :) I've got a bad stomach (thank to one of the birth control pills I took) so I'm used to nausea. But it's still annoying. LoL Suffice it to say, tho, I'll be glad to roll into 2nd trimester so I can feel a little less "meh."

  3. um, if you are feeling pukey but haven't, BUT only 6 weeks in...doesn't look too promising my friend!

    Hang in there!

  4. *snort*

    It's ok to lurk.

    I've been crazy busy so I've been more of a lurker too, these last couple weeks.


    Or something like that. ;)

  5. crystalized ginger and really, really sour candy helped me when I was preggers -- and I've carried 3 to full term. And puked a full 12 weeks each time until it tapered off to puking randomly and suddenly for no apparent reason. So is it weird if I say I hope you just continue to feel nauseous? :)

  6. hoping you don't have too much "morning" sickness. ew.