Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tell me what you love about your daughters!

Because I know how my life works, I am deeply suspicious (read: confident) that this baby that I'm growing (and here I go assuming that it's only one. HA!) will be a girl.

If you have read more than just this post, you'll know that I've had a tough time with my stepdaughter, Princess. She has not been a great representative for all girlkind.

I used to be a girl, and I remember being fabulous. Well-behaved, intelligent, and witty. The perfect child.

I imagine my parents - my mother in particular - did not share my viewpoint of perfection.


We may or may not be hoping for a boy.


However, I know my life. And if I were a betting [wo]man, I'd put my money on girl. I so would. I am that sure.

I would like to keep the wailing and gnashing of teeth to a minimum in that 16 week ultrasound appointment, tho. I don't want to get that look from the ultrasound tech. I want to be able to plausibly pull off the "yay! it's a girl!" reaction.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not hating on girls. I'm really not. So many people talk about how much they love their girls and how they couldn't imagine having boys. I want to hear about all those things that y'all love about the girls.

What I love about my boy? The rationality. The logical thinking. The general lack of drama. The general good-nature. That everything is not a tragedy. The love of science & figuring stuff out. The fact that he is Boo no matter the circumstances - he does not put on a big fake show for people & then turn into Satan when those people leave. He will equally be Satan whether those people are there or not.

I am not a girly girl. I kinda hate pink. I think princesses suck, on the whole. Not that it stops me from watching their movies on occasion, but they still suck. With their lack of substance, personality, and low standards in men. I mean, prince is all they look for & if he's a idiot or douchebag...eh, whatever. They just sit around & wait for him to rescue them. Who wants to wait around to be rescued? I'll bail my own ass out thank you. And I have yet to meet a prince charging in on a white steed to make all my dreams come true. Pfft.

I digress.

I get along better with boys. Let's take this thing apart. How does it work? Let's talk logic & figure stuff out! Let's talk about ideas! Bring me some Tonka trucks so we can dig around in the back yard! Oooh, but watch out for the little brown logs back there...

I just can't deal with constant travesty. It makes me stabby. Life is always going to suck in some capacity (at least until Princey shows up) so get over it already.

Parents of girls? Throw me a bone here. What makes them so cool? What do I have to look forward to in a daughter? Other than the fact that I will have more than 1 dusty rack in the corner from which to choose her clothes.


  1. So, I've got a boy, obviously. But as I'm raising him, I keep looking around at my own family. About the fact that we are close to MY family, in location and emotion. About the fact that MY parents watch him during the day.

    I think there is some truth to the fact that boys leave the nest and fall in with their wives' family. And so, having a girl means you get to keep one. Sort of. And whatever grandkids come with. Sort of.

  2. I have three, 17, 5 and 3 and yes, there's drama, but it so doesn't matter. I was always like you, I understand boys, I get along with boys, then I got three girls, and they're completely different from one another. I could tell you about the tea parties, dress-up games, and pink, but I could also tell you about the forts, camping trips, love of all things dinosaur, soccer, etc. They're just kids, whatever you make of them. I buy them toys that are considered for boys as well as girl toys. I think that you are freaking yourself out for no reason. IF it's a girl you will love her because she came from you, and you will put your own special stamp on who she becomes.

  3. Hmm. That is a perspective that never even remotely occurred to me. Excellent point.

  4. I often freak myself out for no reason. It comes from the thinking too damn much.

    I appreciate what you've said. A lot of what has colored my viewpoint comes from our troubles with Princess. I don't know how much of what drives me batty is her (as a result of her situation, previous upbringing, etc) and how much of it is because she's a girl.

    I know I'll make the best of whatever situation we're dealt, but in the meantime? I will likely (read: definitely) over-think the whole thing...

  5. I have two nieces, and they are completely different from each other:
    One is a almost 3 year old girly girl who loves Hello Kitty, princesses and babies - and is dramatic and talkative (read never stays quiet) and completely adorable.
    The other is 4 and a half (almost) and she loves dinosaurs and playing in sandboxes and building stuff.. and she's dramatic and talkative and full of imagination and completely adorable.
    And, like Taming Insanity says, you get to keep girls. My mom sees me way more than she seems my brother (who lives in their basement with his wife) and my husband moved 4 hours away from his family - and we see them only once every 4 months.
    You'll be fine regardless, by the way. Every child is different, and she'll be yours. And remember, she's probably going to be nothing like Princess!

  6. I have 2 girls (2 and 5). I never wanted boys.. I only wanted girls. The shopping (girls clothes are SO MUCH FUN!), the affection, the CALMNESS, the desire to just curl up and read, the love of all things mommy, they want to be just like me (talk about ego stroking.) Baking together, playing dress up, doing make up, giving those tiny toes little pedicures.. it is all so wonderful.

    Plus they are CLEANER! :)

  7. I have a girl and she is completely different from all my friends boys. She sits down & reads a book, will watch a movie or play with toys all by herself. She can entertain herself if need be. I've had numerous other parents comment on how self-sufficient she is & I'm proud of that. She is much more talkative than boys her age, but girls talk earlier.
    If you have a girl, I think she will be nothing like princess. She will be YOURS and YOU get to determine how she is raised. Don't let princess ruin your view of little girls. My little girl is the best thing that has ever happened to me & I would have 5 more just like her!

  8. I am so much like you that I always figured I'd be a boy mom.

    I don't really want to give reasons because one isn't better than the other. But I do think you've been a tad "tainted" maybe because of princess. Do not use her as your barometer when it comes to girls. :)

  9. their softness

    the way they break your heart and out it back together in seconds

    brushing hair

    sweet kisses for no reason AND when they want something

    curling up in your lap when they're sick or bored or they want something

    the way their hair and skin smells after a bath

    crying at knee scrapes but steely glares when they can't have cake for breakfast

    sweetness boys never posess

    walking on eggshells around their prescious feelings

    love, all three give me and their mom a lot of love

  10. not gonna lie. i prayed and prayed and prayed for boys. allllll boys. God granted me something because that's what i got. girls? would kill me!


    i'm no help.

  11. Silly you. You know I have two girls. They are filled with genius and drama and emotion and complications and angst and intelligence and curiosity and love and softness and anger and harshness and sweetness and sass and attitude and brilliance.

    OH MY GOD, I love these daughters of mine.

    They are of me.

    They are me.

    Nothing better in the world, babe.


  12. As a momma of one four year old daughter who I butt heads with regularly and love to pieces every single moment, even the ones I want to tear my own hair out during? ... I think you'll find that being mom to a girl is an incredible experience. She's a mini-me, a tiny drama queen, but she loves to get dirty, take things apart and all that fun stuff, too. You'll love it. And if you have another boy, well, you'll surely love that, too! ;)

  13. I am new to your blog.. I could easily spend my entire day reading it. (probably will, its raining here)..
    We have 4 kids. 3 boys 14, 11, almost 5 and 1 baby girl. I have only been the mother of a daughter for 6 months but so far so good. Girls seem to whine from birth... Maybe is all the boys (and husband) that dote all over her. I was raised by a single father (and am an only child).. Having a daughter FREAKED ME OUT! A lot..

    I hope and pray that I don't screw her up. Only time will tell, but boy oh boy she sure is FUN!

  14. I am late to the party, but I adore my daughter. ADORE. I don't know it's so much because she is a girl, although she is a very girly girl who knows what she likes and does not like. She is so good-natured and EASY (except for maybe picking out dresses) and is so, so, so funny. She cracks me up. She was not a dream baby (acid reflux, projectile vomiting, never slept), but she was a dream toddler and small child. I feel blessed!