Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A tale of 2 chihuahuas...and a cat.

So we have this dog. She is actually chihuahua #2.

She is the second chihuahua we never expected to own. But here she is. She has a much different personality than our 1st chihuahua. She's also shaped somewhat differently than our 1st chihuahua.


And somewhat loafish.

And there are a few conflicts.


The 1st has been the sole dog for probably 6+ years. Now, we have introduced an interloper. An interloper who has a much more dominant personality.

She is also about as graceful as a brick.

This square loafish brick often tries to mount the much larger cat, Gandalf.


Boo, upon witnessing this feat once, announced to me "Look mommy! She's trying to pick up Gandalf!"

But I don't think it was the same kind of "picking up" he had in mind.


Another fun tidbit about this dog? If there is attention to be had? She bull-dozes her way in because SHE must be the center of said attention. She has forcibly plowed into and knocked over the smaller, more demure chihuahua #1 to get in on petting action.

If there are other animals between her and what she wants? Pfft. Whatever.


Species is really irrelevant.


When the kids aren't around, we have come to call her the whore loaf. Because she so is.

A couple days ago, I'm pleasantly scratching chihuahua #1 behind the ears. She is loving this. Yeah, that's the good stuff right there.

Enter chihuahua #2. Forcibly.

Chihuahua #1 goes sprawling, with an expression of great offense.

With my customary eye roll I inform chihuahua #2 that she is, in fact, a hooker.

"Mommy, what's a hooker?"



  1. I love the pics.. and the captions.. Chihuaha #2 seems a little ... needy?!

  2. Did you do this with Picnic?

    I have to try it, it makes for such cute posts...