Thursday, September 23, 2010

Top 10 Things I love about my job

It's been a few weeks since I've participated in Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop, so I thought I'd jump in again this week, since I'm being all posty this week.

Mama's Losin' It

This week I chose Prompt #5.

10 Reasons why you love your job.

1. The Paycheck that comes fairly regularly. Every week when I get my "Payday" reminder in outlook? I'm all happy that I will have the illusion that I have money again. For a few minutes.

2. My boss is not an asshat. This is important. I think he is the first non-asshat boss I've had. It really makes a difference, actually. He's actually pretty amusing, which is an extra bonus.

3. It is not the Post Office. I did 7 years hard time as a postal worker. The stereotype of "going postal"? Is there for a reason. I determined that no matter how much I hated my job, my idiot supervisors, and many of my idiot coworkers? None of them were worth jail, than you very much.

4. The internet is there. What else needs to be said? I <3 the internet. So much.

5. I have 2 monitors. Now I'm just bragging. The 2 monitor thing? Is so freaking awesome. Altho it does make my laptop at home seem woefully inadequate, what with it's single screen and all.

6. I have not slept with anyone I work with. Sleeping with coworkers has only worked out well for me once. I married that one. Previously? I ended up dealing with really immature men creating drama. And one stalker.

7. We frequently get cake. Everyone in this place is pregnant. I'm afraid to drink the water here. But all these pregnant people? Get baby showers. And baby showers mean cake. I <3 cake.

8. I have a whole file drawer full of snacks. Munchies? Are crucial to maintaining my sanity through the day. Seriously. If I don't eat regularly? I turn into psycho bitch. And no one likes that.

9. There is a Chipotle within lunching distance. No explanation is necessary for this one.

10. I love the feeling of being just Me for 8 hours a day. No one expects me to clean up their poop, cook for them, or do their laundry.


  1. good stuff! i don't know if i could think of 10 things i love about my job. the paycheck thing is obviously a winner. my boss isn't an asshat, but she's also sort of...what's the word?...nonexistent? which often creates some problems when we need to speak to someone about, oh i don't know, WORK? never worked at the post office, so couldn't relate. i also love the internet, but they've blocked the important sites like facebook and twitter, so that forays into the 10 reasons why i hate my job. i also have 2 monitors, but they're switching them from mac to pc, so again, that goes on the other list. never slept with anyone i work with, but i am now sleeping with someone i used to work with, which is awesome. only a couple prego people, and we only had cupcakes, which i baked. lame. i have zero snacks because i'm going on a cruise, so i can't eat all day. dammit! i've never even been to a chipotle (fail on my part, i know). i have no kids, and luckily my boyfriend doesn't require me to clean up his poop. he also goes in the toilet, not a diaper, which is ideal. i suck at cooking, so he cooks (also a plus). i enjoy laundry (fail #2).

  2. 1.) everyweek? damnit, Im biweekly.
    2.) where do you work? Fantasyland?
    3.) just HA!
    4.) mmm internet
    5.) again, Fantasyland?!?
    6.) who needs that drama...
    7.) and why is it cake at work really makes the day go by...its like a magic time machine...
    8.) I thought I was the only one with the snack drawer
    9.) mexican at work? Altoids too I hope. lol
    10.) AMEN SISTER!!!! YAY! WORK!!

  3. That's so great you love what you do, plus the people around you. The people are so important!

  4. Bethany @ Organic EnchiladaSeptember 26, 2010 at 1:15 PM

    #8 - that's my kind of woman!

  5. thank god no one asks you to clean their poop in the office! double monitors is kind of bragging.

    i love cake too. my ass? not so much.

  6. You have not slept with anyone you work with?


    I love you!

    And you have slept with your stalker?

    Swoon! Love you more.

    Hee hee!

  7. 1. nope, I'm biweekly, too. I'm just glad it keeps showing up.
    2. Close. I work for an environmental company.
    3. Working for the post office is e.v.i.l. Plus? You'd be amazed you get mail at all. *shudder*
    4. I still <3 the internet.
    5. Well, I didn't get a raise or any recognition when I moved into my position (not really by choice), so my consolation prize? 2 monitors. Which rock.
    6. I do not. Which is why I stopped sleeping with coworkers (I dated them & it was only 1 at a time, I'm not totally trampy...)
    7. For me? I think it is because the cake has put me to sleep & time always flies when I'm passed out at my desk.
    8. Not only is it a snack drawer? But it's a BIG snack drawer. hehehe
    9. I always have gum. Not that I have anyone to impress. See #6.
    10. Every time I'm wiping someone's butt? I remember this. Every time I get a crappy work task? I remember that at least I'm not wiping anyone's butt.

  8. Amen. And the dual monitors? Was my consolation prize for being moved to a new department (not optional) with no recognition or raise. I realize now that I was dumb, but hey, at least there's the dual monitors.

  9. Nope, I have slept with no one from this job, since I'm all married & stuff.

    The stalker? Was not stalking me when I slept with him. He went all idiot when I dumped him. That is a fun story! But that lead to my brief trampy period (ok, I wasn't that trampy, just kinda irresponsible) which lead to Boo. So I guess it's ok. hehehe

  10. Internet talk, cake, and asshat in one post?! Me likey.