Monday, September 20, 2010

This morning sucked.

Ok, so this morning sucked. You may have already gotten this impression from my clever title. Perhaps.

I mean really sucked. In the "my eyes are still puffy and irritated, and I had to do disaster management on my makeup" kind of way.

I hope the universe isn't trying to give me the finger again. I like it better when the universe likes me.


When dealing with kids, one has to learn about behavior management. We want to encourage the behavior we like and discourage the behavior we don't like. Right?


I'm discovering that marriage is much the same way. Not in the sense that I'm "training" Hub to be a good little Stepford Husband. In the sense that if I want an actual honest relationship? I can't freak out & go all psycho bitch on him for being honest.

Assuming he wasn't an asshat in the delivery process.

Today? I feel like the asshat. One big rectal-cranial juncture.

Today? I want to scream.

And cry (some more).

And throw something.

Wait, I'd like to punch that thing before I throw it.

Today? I've realized that there are some battles? I just don't have the energy to fight. The battle will still be there. It will always be there. I realize that now. And it's a battle I can't win. Knowing I can't win a battle that will always be there? Makes me feel stupid for even trying to fight. Maybe that makes me weak. I dunno.

Also? I really hate those arguments where I know he's right and by knowing he's right? I also know that I have done something stupid/mean/unfair. I hate being stupid or unfair. Feeling stupid? Sends me from zero to psycho bitch in 3.7 seconds.

And I just plain don't like injustice.

Being mean? Eh. I can deal with that from time to time. Being a mommy has desensitized me to mean.

Pffft. Mean.

So this morning? He was right.

And the whole asshat thing? Makes it really hard to get my makeup on right. We will not even discuss blow-drying. ::Ow::

I so hate it when he's right.

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  1. yep. maybe its something in the monday air...

  2. I think that into every life, a little asshat will fall.

    Usually on others which is why it's especially hard when it falls on us.

  3. The arguments in which he is right?

    Oh I hate those.

    I want to win every argument, but that is so much harder when he is right.

    So annoying.

    Sorry for your crappy morning.


  4. Listen, he has to win a few so that you don't get complacent.

    Sorry your Monday wasn't so delightful. But there's always Tuesday, waiting in the wings....