Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Staff Meeting Sideshow

This week has been a doozy already & it's only Wednesday. Let's just start with Monday morning, shall we?

On Monday, I had a staff meeting. Not only is there all the joy that is associated with a general staff meeting, but it also means I have to be up early & at work earlier than usual. To be fair, "usual" is like 9 or 9:30, so early? Is not really saying much.

I think I may have mentioned previously that I'm not a morning person.

This particular staff meeting had a little sideshow entertainment however. The meeting took place in our conference room which has many large windows that overlook a somewhat wooded area. Just as the company president started her "Welcome!" speech, a couple of guys came walking by outside the window.

With a chainsaw.

From the gallery I hear "Is that a chainsaw?" And I start snickering. Uncontrollably.

As we start going through our 3rd quarter performance, the guy starts firing up the chainsaw. Apparently, they need to cut down a tree directly outside the window.

So, I'm trying to focus on our profit margins, but find the guys sawing down the tree infinitely more interesting than our revenue to date.

Then the guy sawing the trunk jerks his hand back from the chainsaw & looks at it as if it has offended him. He returns to sawing. Then he jerks his hand back again & this time stands up & looks around.

I do not see any blood spurting or missing digits, so I am baffled.

Then he starts swatting and running around all panicked. Chainsaw is still running & buried in the tree trunk.

Apparently? They have found a collection of stinging insects in the area.

Now, I'm not completely insensitive. I do feel bad for the guy. But still. Corporate goals versus chainsaw guy running around in a panic swatting at invisible attackers?

There really is no contest here. Particularly for my pitiful little attention span.

And this little sideshow? Is only the beginning. Perhaps I should've heeded the foreshadowing of my week to come.

Really, though? If the week is going to continue like it has been? I sincerely hope it maintains that little bit of "funny" to take the edge off. Makes ridiculousness & stress a little easier to stomach. And? It makes better blog fodder if it's not all grouchy and crap-like.


  1. Who is going to prefer profit margins to chainsawers attacked by stinging killer insects? Nobody!
    Except the guy droning on about the profits. Which I think is just sad, sad, sad. Smell the roses buddy.

  2. Oh, how I love when painful funny happens to other people!

    What is that word . . .Schadenfreude . . . that taking of pleasure in another's pain.

    Happy sighs.

    And I hate meetings.