Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Flipoffs

Ok, trying to get back in the groove here. I've been slacking lately with only a post or 2 a week...and (sniff) I think (sniiiiffff) that people (sniff sniff) HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT ME (insert tearful wail here).

::composes self::

Er, I mean, my comments have really dropped off and since I'm such a comment whore I really enjoy the dialogue with my readers, I need to get back into better writing habits.

Plus part of the reason I have this blog is so I can write. So I really should do that occasionally.

Anyway, moving on to the interesting part...

First, I'd like to flip off the circumstances keeping me from my cousin's bachelorette party in New York this weekend. She is a very cool cousin (in law) & she's spending the weekend in NYC for her bachelorette party. Hosted by her drag queen uncle. I should so be at this party. But? I'm broke. And? I'm smack dab in the middle of my last class (insert hallelujah chorus here) before I get my degree. Not conducive for dropping everything & going to NYC, particularly since I have to do 99% of my homework on the weekends. Kids? I think Hub would watch kids for me to go, so I don't flip them off. They're cool. But the rest? Flip Off. I've never been to NYC. :(

Next, I'd like to flip off my stepdaughter's school. As you may have read in my Princess Chaos post, the school keeps losing my stepdaughter. Ok, the last time was kinda her fault (she's a little nefarious), but really. Please stop losing her. It's getting annoying for all involved.

Oh, & a second flip off for the school. Today? Princess Bulldozer came home with a ziplock full of paint. So she could learn to trace letters with her finger. Ok. Cool idea for the classroom, not so much for the home. That child? Is a disaster ninja. And if I get a ziplock full of dark purple paint on my new couch? Someone is getting a ninja star up their...

...anyway...Flip Off!

And, for an honorable mention...Knee pain. Again, I flip you off. I am glad you're almost gone now. Three weeks later. But you have been keeping me from reestablishing my gym routine. This does not please me. I'm not old enough to be all pathetic and infirmed. Please stop with the debilitating pain. Seriously. Flip Off.

That is all. I feel better now. And all on time & stuff. Yay me.

A special thanks to Momma Kiss for hosting the Flip Offs this week! :)


  1. Losing your kid?! WTH?! That's OUR job as parents, school! So flip off!

  2. I'm with pop, who loses a kid in school? And more than once? Cripes!!! Thanks for linking, new reader!

  3. Sending home paint?! I'd rather my kids get lost! (kidding, kidding, KIDDING! Maybe.)

  4. Oh my.. Isn't it part of their job to know where the kid is when she is in their care?!?!

    Glad your knee is almost better tho! :)

  5. OMG!!! losing your child!!!! don't they know it's only legal for a parent to lose a child?!?!

  6. Oh my goodness, what school loses a child? Gees, isn't that one of the top things a school should not do?
    I hope your knee feels better. Lack of gym endorphines can increase the flip-offs, it's happened to me.

  7. "disaster ninja"