Monday, November 22, 2010

Gratitude & Crap

I was visiting over at Go, Pop, Go!'s blog today & he gave me an idea for blog posts this week.

ADD Moment: Ok, seriously. How am I supposed to punctuate the possessive here? Should it be "Go, Pop, Go!'s" or "Go, Pop, Go's!" Grammar me here. I will lose sleep if this remains unanswered!

This week I'll be posting on what I'm thankful for.

I'm that person who always buys the humorous cards for any occasion that humor would be appropriate.

Although if Hallmark made a funny "Dude, bummer about getting fired" card? I would probably buy it. Just saying.

So, point is, this is more of the "Things I'm Grateful for, by Jack Handey" approach to being thankful.

If you're looking for puffy, foil flowers & calligraphy? Keep moving. No satisfaction to be found here.

So, to kick things off...

Today, I am thankful for ibuprofen. Sure, taking it in significant amounts can cause some mild gastrointestinal "discomfort," but it works so well! Especially when hormones and dumbassery combine to cause pain in varied locations and intensities.

I am thankful that the same dose of ibuprofen I took for the horrid hormone-induced migraine also worked marvelously for the T.O.M. (Time Of Month) cramps that arrived simultaneously.

I am also grateful that when I, in my infinite grace, stepped off the sidewalk with an ankle-rolling crunch in front of our home as I was walking to the car to lazily purchase food instead of cooking for my family as a good wife/mother would do, that same dose of migraine-dulling, cramp-killing ibuprofen also kept the swelling in my ankle down.

I am thankful for my husband who allowed me to keep my foot elevated on his lap while he gamed from the couch.

I am thankful that only once did he say that he felt like he was helping his grandmother hobble along as he helped me hobble around the house.

I am thankful that he was creeped out when I said, in a feeble old lady voice, "Why, thank you sonny!" as he helped me hobble around the house.

I am thankful that I finally sprained the other ankle, as the left one has 3 severe sprains under its belt already.

I am thankful that, while I look like a shuffling zombie, this sprain is not severe, and I can still walk.



I am thankful that we are returning from our dreaded obligatory annual family trip (2 states away) on Saturday instead of Sunday this year. This will allow me a day of weeping recovery before returning to work.

That's my list for today. I'm going to try to be grateful all week, being that it's Thanksgiving & all. Plus, my life coach said I should try to embrace gratitude in my life. So, here it is. I still have to pack for a 6-hour drive with 2 kids before Wednesday, so we'll see how the "grateful every day" thing works....

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