Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Terrific Tuesday!

I'm trying to structure my blog a bit. I've discovered that if I have an idea or theme to work around, I am not only more likely to blog, but it is more thought-provoking & therapeutic for me. Which is the whole point of doing this thing. Not for all of 10 you raging fans. ;o)

Today's topic, which may or may not stick for Tuesday depending on how I like it (i.e. depending on how long it takes me to run out of ideas for it). But today will be a simple listing of all the terrific things I am terrifically tickled about today.

I am terrifically tickled that:
1. when my Hub could not sleep last night due to his vicious sunburn, he did finally leave our bedroom at 3:00 am to allow me 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

2. I survived the mild heart attack I had upon his return 20 minutes later to retrieve the dog from our bedroom.

3. when the paper butt protector stuck to my leg in the bathroom this afternoon, it did not drip toilet water and pee down my leg.

4. my stepdaughter, after having a whiny fit this morning, slept through the hour of heinous traffic I had to battle to drop her off at the babysitter's.

5. I then got to leave my babysitter's & come to work as she (my stepdaughter) started whining again.

6. my babysitter was not wearing a low-cut dress sans bra again forcing me to witness her saggy cleavage today.

7. the body odor smell in my general area is not me.

8. I have felt like an insensitive ass on only 1 other person's blog today.

9. Despite the high heat and humidity, I have enough clean pants to last the rest of the week so I do not have to shave my legs.

10. since my Hub does not feel well, he will not notice the prickly legs for a couple days.

See, I can be a glass half-full kinda girl!


  1. I love your list! You have a lot to be tickled about. I especially like #7, hope #8 isn't about my blog and think you're good to go on #10. :)

  2. #7 - I had to check. I really was relieved about that one. LoL #8 was not yours. I felt bad for something I laughed at. I still feel bad, actually, because of the author's reaction.
    & #10...well, that has, for some reason, become a much lower priority lately...Someday when I'm independently wealthy, I'm totally going to do the laser removal thing. I hate shaving, in all forms...but I'm not into the "natural" look, so I suck it up.

  3. #7... classic. whenever my hubby farts, he'll look at my daughter and say "mom tooted." then i look at her and say "no... DAD tooted." she always believes me!! ;)