Sunday, May 30, 2010


Before my son was born, I read a lot about being a parent. I knew I had no clue what to expect, so the book that offered to tell me What to Expect was appealing. I also read a number of baby websites in hopes that I would not be a completely clueless parent. Well, that helped about as much as you might expect.

One of the things that most sources stressed is to be consistent with your children. Consistency helps them learn what to do and what not to do. It is an effective tool in the discipline tool box. I have discovered this to be very true in my brief 4 1/2 year tenure as a parent. Consistency helps breed least sort of.

I think I'm starting to understand why. Now for a radical left turn...

I am also completing my degree in psychology (as I have previously mentioned). Part of the requirement for this degree is writing a number of research papers. I'm not a half bad writer, so I'm fine with this (how some of the people made it to this point in college with their piss poor writing ability is beyond me...there are people who cannot even write a clear sentence in my class. WTF.) We are supposed to use a certain format (APA for those who might be curious) when we write our papers; however, it seems that the teachers have not gotten the memo that it is a standardized format...which means that it should be the same format from one class to the next. Consistent, right?

Every teacher I've had for the last 3 or 4 classes in a row (there have been more, but not in a row) has a different idea of what this format should be. The last one contradicted herself from one paper to the next (I think she just didn't like me). Now, how am I supposed to write a "correct" paper if the standard keeps changing? The school provides a template, but the teachers don't seem to follow it. Again, WTF. Please, teachers, don't make a rule for me to follow & then change it or disregard it just to make me wrong. If it's a rule, then it's a rule & you should be following just like I do, dammit.

Nonetheless, this experience has taught me 2 things (related to consistency). 1. I understand why it's needed & why my kids behave better if I use it. And 2. Inconsistency pisses me off.

I'm so sick of being in school.

But, I guess I can't say it hasn't been educational, right?


  1. yeah, that would be totally annoying and down right not fair. I hope you get that straightened out!!

    Thanks again for joining the Working Mommy Network! Keep checking back for new blogs to connect with! Be sure to also link up to Working Mommy Wednesday this week! Looking for your breakfast ideas/recipes!!


  2. I remember from far too many classes and far too much education how irritating it was when professors did not abide by the rules.

    And I also remember? How very very annoyed they got when I pointed out their inconsistency.

    My daughters? Are all about fairness and consistency and equally applied rules. And when I mess up? They are right there in my face with protests and accusations.

    Which I find really annoying.

    Oh, the irony.

  3. I fear I will face the same thing, Kris. My son already calls me out if I don't follow a "rule" I have established for them. I don't anticipate that this will go away as he gets older. Sometimes it's a good check for me to do as I say...other times it's really irritating, because I can't explain to him that it's just different somehow when I do it...

  4. I once had to take a course on classroom management. Clear rules and expectations are a must and you must always lead by example! Except the professor didn't.

    And the only thing worse than being in a class with a bunch of idiots who can't write is being forced to write a 'group paper' with them.

  5. VTFitz - you must be psychic. I am currently writing a group paper...with people who cannot write...I mean, no punctuation, words missing, I can't comprehend the damn sentence can't write. Did I mention they're a day and a half late with their portions? *sigh*

    I do find the classroom management class ironically amusing, tho. What is it with professors who can't follow the rules they establish? :p