Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am woman...Raaarrrrr!

So, it's been a week since my metabolism condemnation post.

Just so you know? I have not forgiven my metabolism. In fact? I'm going after it.

Hey, I gave it fair warning when I flipped it off on friday.

Seriously? I'm going to kick its ass. It has straight pissed me off.

My strategy? Is to wear it down. I've gotten some advice from some friends who are more well-versed in the whole "healthy" thing, including Kristin from Peace, love, & muesli. Might I add that she has been a fantabulous encouragement.

So, utilizing advice both from Kristin as well as my in-training life coach (who is actually my ex-husband's new life is weird like that...), I have made a few adjustments.

1. I've been going to the gym. And surprisingly? I don't hate it like I used to. Perhaps I appreciate the "me" time now that I'm a mommy. I'm pleased to say that I did not keel over & die. I was a little worried tho. As an added bonus, I feel all accomplished and, well, Raaarrr! when I'm done.

2. I'm trying to drink more water. It's safe to say I do not drink enough. I've been told that the water in tea & coffee don't really count. Also the lemon I bought to make water more drinkable? Is apparently very good for detoxifying, according to my life coach...who heard it from a body-builder guy she works with. It does make the water more tasty and it makes my sink smell nice when I grind the peel in the garbage disposal. So yeah.

3. I'm working to add higher protein snacks to keep me from being hungry during the day. I bough some raw almonds & I also have some nifty Kashi crackers that are awaiting a hummus purchase. Kristin also gave me a link to some recipes that I'm working up to trying.

4. I bought some extra-dark chocolate squares to help curb my sweet cravings without being too obscene with the sugar. I have to say, tho, that the 86% cacao? is kinda gross on its own. I had to eat something else to kill the bitter aftertaste. 72% is perfect. And now? 60% is downright sweet to me. Usually 1 chocolate square gets me my fix & I can go about my day (serving size is 4, btw).

Honestly? I hope the metabolism gets the message. I really don't want to have to go all Rambo on it. No, really, I don't. There's only so much life-change I can do at one time. While I am working hard? I'm inherently a little lazy & I don't want to have to raise the bar too high, because frankly? I don't know if I can sustain too much change.

My goal here, is not only to lose 40-50 lbs of baby weight, but also to feel better.

I admit, I do feel better. I have a lot of pride in myself that I have made these changes, stuck to them, and kept plowing along even tho I've been discouraged. I'm trying to make this goal realistic tho. I'm not willing to nibble lettuce leaves for the rest of my life so I can be skinny. I might be skinny, but I'd be a huge bitch.

Trust me on this.

I believe food is to be enjoyed. I just need to moderate some things & find some healthier alternatives that also bring me joy. I will eat pizza in my life. I will eat the occasional baked good.

The occasional french fry? I'm a good girl in that regard...I'll get the fruit side for me.


I feel that if I purchase the food? & not only did I purchase the food, but I was a good girl & got the "healthy" side? I'm entitled to any "bag fries" that might jump out of my husband's fry container during transit. Those 3 or 4 fries? Are the best. fries. ever.

And no, I don't "accidentally" dump out half of his fries into the bag. Really. Seriously, I don't....

And my reward?

Last Wednesday I was hovering at 203-204.

As of this morning? I'm hovering at 200.

And that makes me happy.

Plus? Once I get to 190? I get to treat myself to a new handbag. :)


  1. Does this mean I can haz the fries?

    Good Luck!! ;)

  2. You are a champion!! Good for you. More water is a great step. And you are bang on right about nibbling on lettuce leaves, that is not living.
    Thank you for all the links and the love.
    Because I said I would support you I am going to have a piece of chocolate now and when you get to 190 I will get a new handbag too. How's that for cheerleading??

  3. Woohoo! New handbag in no time!

  4. Hurray! And a new handbag...lady, you got motivation all over you...
    maybe now your metabolism will be forgiven? :)

  5. YAY!!! Good luck - I see a cool handbag in your very near future! Make sure to post a picture of it on your blog as inspiration and so that we can all admire it :)

  6. Hi, it's Nigel, and generally when I post on Blogger it always lists me incorrectly as "Ted" or "Spongebob" or "Darth," so I figured that I'd announce myself before I got on with it.

    Here is the dietary plan which I am following, and it's working out pretty well for me so far:

    1) Wake up.
    2) Weep uncontrollably for fifteen minutes.
    3) Eat an entire container of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia. Also a Twinkie. Wash down with one glass of skim milk. Full of chocolate. And Kahlua.
    4) Remind myself that Orson Welles was much, much bigger than I am, and he was married to Rita Hayworth. Remind myself that he also did voicework in a Transformers cartoon, and fall back into weeping.
    5) Fall asleep, face wet with tears, mouth full of cake frosting straight from the container.
    6) Rinse and repeat.

    Of course, this is only my particular plan of action, and I don't suggest that it works for anyone other than me, and of course Shamu the killer while.

    We have a lot in common, Shamu and I. We both like fish, for one thing.

    Also, we are sometimes mistaken for one another when I wear my tux.

  7. Incentives work every time... mama needs a new handbag and maybe a pair of shoes to go with? :) Stay on course. xoxo

  8. Glad to hear the results are finally kicking in! Started my own program again yesterday after realizing simultaneously that my 7week vaca from exercise had joined forces with my recent yen for strawberries (and pound cake. with ice cream. and whip cream. and chocolate sauce. and a glass of wine) to gang up on me and the scale. Ugh, these life changes are so hard to keep up!