Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Flipoffs

Today, I'm coming out of the Flipoff Lurker shadows & finally participating in the Friday Flipoffs. A hearty Thank You to Kludgy Mom for starting this thoroughly therapeutic meme. :)


Today, my flipoffs start with my metabolism. I have had a bit of a mental setback this week. Eating healthy for several weeks should equal weightloss, at least in my mind. But no dice. Metabolism? I won't let you beat me. I'm going to make some adjustments & then I'm coming for you metabolism. A big fat Flip off. No pun intended...

Knee pain? You're up next. Note, I'm not flipping of my knees. I like them & would prefer they continue working. I would just prefer that they would work as they are supposed to...without pain. I'm 32 years old & am not old enough to be hobbling around like a grandma. Nor do I have any flashy "old football injury" stories to compensate. Knee pain? Flip Off.

Deadbeat Learning Team Members. You suck. Seriously. The rest of us who are working hard to earn a semi-decent grade in our online class? Hate you. You do not deserve to get the same grade as the rest of us who actually do the work. We are tired of you riding on our coattails to pass the classes & get your degree. I sincerely hope I never get the brain surgeon that was the deadbeat team member. Ok, well, I really don't want to need a brain surgeon, but if I better not be the deadbeat. Flip Off.

And Mornings. Don't think I forgot about you. You and I? Have been going around & around on this for years. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that you the "I'm glad the world didn't end while I was sleeping" sense. But it the effervescent "Yippee! It's a new day let's get up & greet it cheerily!" sense? Not so much. Any effervescence I might be feeling is likely leftover liquor from the night before. And that's really closer to indigestion than effervescence. Mornings? You have your bubbly bright-&-early people. I'm not one of those people. It's nothing personal, but seriously? Flip off.

This post has been a sneaky double-purpose post. I'm participating (but certainly not flipping off) in the Nerd Mafia's Word Up, Yo! weekly meme.

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  1. Very sneaky...I love it! I do the double purpose post thing all the time too ;)

    I'd also like to flip off mornings.

  2. I agree! Why are mornings so damn early? Every day, early, early, early.

  3. So, leftover effervescence isn't necessarily a good thing, eh?

  4. Can you lose the deadbeats? Who needs them.
    And yeah, metabolism, coming back for you. Just you wait.

  5. Yay, welcome!! It's the virtual detox awesome and great use of the WOW too. Two birds, one stone. Go you!!

  6. I would flip off my metabolism too! After 3 babies and into my 30's I seriously think it stopped! Hang in there!

  7. I love that you're not flipping your knees off directly just in case...too funny. I used to be with you on mornings, but something happened to me within the last year and I got my old age card because now I get up at the crack of dawn on purpose. Next, I will be making metamucil smoothies.

  8. I feel for you with the team crap at school. I am in school to and team things always bite me in the arse because I am a very good student who gets stuck with slackers. I don't think my hard work and their lazy asses should equal B's for everyone. Let me do it myself so I can get an A.

    Sorry about your knee pain. I am 32 years old too and have a pinched nerve in my shoulder. It's all down hill from here.

  9. I was nodding my head so much as flipping off knee pain in the early 30s that I nearly missed the effervescence!

  10. Yeah...I hated team projects all through school. People never pull their own weight!!!!

    Thanks so much for joinin' in this week! I hope ya come back next week!!!! :)

  11. You could always say that being a mom injured your knees, make up some kind of war story. You VS a baby bottle, or lost toy. Or make it a house cleaning accident ~ Tubs work well for this.

    Hope you loose those deadbeats and ace that class. I too hate group projects :)

    Good luck on the metabolism battle that one has been winning on me for sometime now.

    As for mornings ~ Noons would be better :)

  12. my knees have good days and bad days and I respect them as well. We have talks, the knees and I because I need them. To run, because the metabolism sucks at age 40.

    mornings come way too early because my son likes them. me, not that much.

  13. I'm following you now from The Nestwork.

  14. Found you on the Friday Flipoffs...I don't even participate, I just love reading what everyone has to say! Keep flipping off that metabolism and mornings, definitely mornings!

  15. Loved it! I will have to join the Friday Flip Off meme. I have a few (hundred) things and/or people to flip off! Great post!