Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Flipoffs, Vol. II


This week? I have a lot I'd like to flip off. I'm just not quite sure how to go about it.

This week? Was one of those weeks that the universe just had it out for me. But I can't very well go flipping off the universe, now can I. That would just be dangerous. I'm not one to tempt the universe by flipping it off or making statements like "well, things certainly can't get any worse..."

First? I will flip off myself. I arrived to work on Monday morning to discover, first thing, that I had screwed up something significant. Which needed to be rectified. Immediately. The rectification? Meant no break for me. No going to the gym. No grocery shopping. Nada. I have no good excuse for what I screwed up. I just missed something I should've seen. And it was a biggie. Sigh. So? Flip Off, me.

Next, I will flip off the traffic on the highway on Wednesday. My commute from home to work takes about 35-40 minutes in the morning. There is 1 major highway that takes me where I need to go. And only one. On Wednesday? I sat on that highway for over an hour. I got to work at like 10:30. So, yeah. No break. No gym. No grocery shopping. Nada. Traffic? Flip Off! (On a side note? I am grateful that I was not the accident that closed the freeway...while I flip off the traffic? I'm still grateful....)

Finally, I flip off my lack of sleep. Monday? I had homework that kept me up late. Tuesday? Hub actually cut himself off of work after only like 14 hours & wanted to spend some time with me. Not going to turn that down. Wednesday? I had more homework. & to top off the staying up late for Wednesday homework? We had a gigantic, freakish storm hit at like 5:30 in the morning on Thursday. Sigh. I am exhausted. Sadly? I need 7-8 hours of sleep, fairly regularly, to function like a semi-human. If I get 4? I can kinda function the next day (with a large coffee infusion). If I do that 2 days in a row? I start to get mushy. And perhaps a little grouchy. Perhaps. After 2? I'm pretty much useless. And a wee bit grouchy. Unholy bitch might be an apt way to describe me. Perhaps. Exhaustion? Flip Off!! You hang around way too much. I don't even really like you that much. At all. Really. Take the hint.

A hearty thank you to Kludgy Mom for providing this delightful meme. Go visit & see what others are flipping off this week!


  1. Hi! Thanks for joining in again! You sound like you had a seriously rough week!!!! I'd flip off the lack of sleep too...that makes a tough week even tougher!

    As a heads up...don't be sad about the small amount of comments..a lot of the people on the hop post their posts either late Thursday night or early Friday and a lot of them do their visiting in the morning too. I've noticed a lot of the people who end up putting their posts out later tend to miss the rush of comments. :) just a tip!

  2. I think I've actually flipped the universe before. Never thought of it quite like that. Hmmm... Sorry for the rough week. Hopefully next one the stars will all align for ya.

  3. Ugh, I am the same with staying up late. I can not function. Rest up on the weekend and get back to your gym, it will give you energy.

  4. I'm soooo with flipping of the lack of sleep! UGH! Hopefully you get a nice visit from the sand man soon and if you do, send him my way...please.

  5. Oooohhh, I SO could've flipped off traffic as well! What was up with this week?? Craziness! Hope your weekend is going better :)

  6. Ugh. Sorry to hear about your crappy week. I feel your pain. Hope it gets better - try to catch up on your sleep this weekend!

  7. Sleep.


    I am all screwed up over here.

    Two nights ago? I failed to sleep. As in NOT AT ALL. And then last night? I went to bed early and then got up at 5:30.

    This is not like me.

    Just so you know.

    Well, the crazy part is. I meant the early-to-rise part.


  8. Sorry you had such a rough week, I hope you were able to catch up on your sleep over the weekend. *hugs*

  9. I'd like to flip off my lack of sleep, too. I am nine months pregnant and have a toddler who wakes up way too early!! Come on! Gimme a break! Hope you have a better week!

  10. Great blog! Came across your blog from one of the blog hops, and looking forward to reading more of your stuff. I am now following... feel free to follow back if you like!!!!
    All the best,